Spray Paint

Are there any spray paints that are considered “safe” for application BEFORE laser engraving? Is the IRONLAK Acrylic spray paint one of them?


I don’t know, but IRONLAK sounds like a perfect name for a multivitamin at IKEA.


i’m not aware of any paints that aren’t “laser safe.” unless maybe they have some sort of metalic flake in them that might be a reflection issue. but i haven’t heard of anyone having issues with lasering paint.

I’ve seen some pretty nasty looking automotive paint SDSs.

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Acrylic spray paints should be fine, as long as you let it dry first. Ironlak is a decent paint, much higher pigment count than krylon or rusto, although for fine-art spray paint I much prefer MTN for better coverage and control.
The smell of Ironlak will remind you to put on your respirator, MTN smells almost nice (too nice, actually).


Where do you get MTN?

MTN is available in many art, hardware, and craft stores, often as a caged end-cap.
Online direct from spray planet, or art suppliers like Bombing Science*, Blick Art Supplies, Amazon.

MTN (also called Montana Colors) have several lines of spray paint, all with a pile of colors. I really like the 94 series, (matte colors, low-pressure can). Mtn also make the Hardcore, Alien, and Water-Based lines. MTN is from Spain.

There is also Montana Cans, a German company, that also makes fine-art spray paints. There is plenty of confusion between the two brands. Montana Cans makes the Gold Series can, a low-pressure acrylic.

Flame is another, slightly cheaper, fine art spray that is available as an Acrylic.

*the word “bombing” in this context refers to rapidly-executed graffiti art, and not in any way to explosives. If you want to get an idea of why, here’s a link to a graffiti video by Sofles (sponsored by Ironlak).