Is a small amount of smoke under my wood normal when I’m cutting?

Hi there. I was cutting some earrings and I noticed a very tiny amount of smoke was occurring underneath my wood piece (medium red oak hardwood). I’ve never noticed that before, I almost thought I was seeing things. I did notice that the tiny pieces that I was cutting out where falling beneath the tray, no idea if maybe the laser was hitting these tiny pieces while finishing the cut (or if this would be an issue). I’m super new so any feedback would be appreciated. I am still getting used to my machine and I’m unsure what’s normal and what’s not.

Machine: Aura

Thank you! :blush:

Yes, a little smoke is normal. Just keep an eye out for flame which should not happen.


Thank you, @ekla. I’m so paranoid about starting a fire. I’m slowly learning!


I only use material I source locally and I use the smoke coming out below the material as an indication I have the right power setting to cut through.


Thank you, this is good to know. Once I start exploring outside of the proofgrade materials I’ll have even more questions.

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Smoke is especially prevalent when cutting cardboard. I’m probably more risk tolerant than most, but my computer is within arms reach of the GF, and I don’t leave it for a second when cutting cardboard, or fabric.


Paper and especially cardboard need to be watched - and acrylic. The fires we have seen have mostly been acrylic, and flame on acrylic will propagate quickly. Most of the damage was due to no one paying attention to it. No need to be paranoid, just observant.
When an intricate design has a lot of detail the laser dumps a lot of energy in a small area, when that is done on acrylic you had better watch it carefully.

You can drop a rag on a flame or hit it with a squirt bottle, so good to have one available - just in case.


I feel so much better seeing all of these reply’s. You all have much knowledge!


Hang here with us, and as your experience grows so will your understanding. This community is the best accessory for your laser.


Thanks everyone’s been awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

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