Is a tour of Glowforge headquarters available?

Are tours available at Glowforge head quarters in Seattle? Be coming through town and would love to stop by, see some of the kick starter models, talk to a few folks.

Be great to pick up some spare parts and maybe some proofgrade on sale!

Never heard of any kind of regularly scheduled open tours. Glowforge staff doesn’t read this forum on a regular basis (if at all), so your best best is to mail to ask.


I’ve never heard of anyone being able to visit or take a tour. It’s not set up like a store where you can buy spare parts and materials…those are sourced elsewhere and are only offered in the online shop.


Ding Dong!


Glowforge HQ is just a bit of rented office space in a shared building. They’re a remote-first company, so most of the staff isn’t even there. I don’t think there’d be much to tour. Manufacturing happens at Flex in Texas and Mexico, and distribution is handled through two outsourced fulfillment centers in Texas and California.


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Was going to say, I think there was 1 person and her son before units began going out.

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Glowforge never responded to calls or emails either.

Unfortunately, I think the general policy is that Glowforge doesn’t allow tours by customers, they are too focused on business to take the time out. (They did make a couple of rare exceptions in the beginning, just to keep our spirits up while we were waiting. Those were fun to see.) :slightly_smiling_face:

I know they enjoy meeting their fans, but they pretty much had to limit it to shows to get the machine built. (Probably even more so now that they are selling so many machines.)

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