Is anyone else having trouble uploading files after the update?

I get an error every time I attempt to upload a file. I try to upload the file and then a dialog box opens asking me to either drag a file or browse the computer. The dragging has no response and the upload results in an error. It happens if I try to add artwork as well. I can cut files that were uploaded yesterday.

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Now, I’m seeing it’s only certain files. Investigating further.

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I just tried to copy and paste from Illustrator (done this many times on bigger files) and nothing happens this time. I did notice the changes to the dashboard, maybe that is why?

If you are open to it, posting the zipped file here would allow an analysis.
I haven’t seen any problem uploading or dropping files.

I’m sorry to hear you ran into trouble. Could you please share at least one of the files you’re having trouble with? We’ll be happy to take a closer look. If you’d rather not post them on the forum, you can send them to us at

same issue just started happening for me. seems to be random with which files it will upload and those that get stuck on the drag or browse dialog box. had an svg that i had just made that wouldnt upload, decided to go back to AI and save it as a pdf and it uploaded just fine. maybe that could be a workaround for you while theyre figuring out whats going on.

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Illustrator drag and drop didn’t work yesterday, but works fine today ;p

I just started getting the same thing today, trying to upload an SVG file I’ve used frequently in the past. The message came up maybe an hour ago, after my last successful cut/engrave.
I figure i’ll just try again in the morning and hope it works!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email