Is Glowforge CE Certified?

Hi - we must urgent know if the is CE Certifed - cause alle European Countries need this label
on the box - causethe customs authority could take them - and then the money and the glowforge is lost !!

So we must delete our order…

Habe anyone a idea… in the best way - YOU GLOWFORGE !!

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Yeah I would like to know, I think one person said that they heard that it won’t be… I hope we don’t have an issue

this i a really really important question … i hope we will get it in the next hours - cause i didnt riks 45oo Euros to be lost… damned…

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It is only just after 5 in the morning where Glowforge is located. They’ve been really active on the forums, so i’m sure you’ll get an answer once they’re awake.

Yes… Nichole - hopefully they are early birds :smile:

You can cancel after the pre-order discount, you can cancel anytime before it ships so I wouldn’t worry.


Exactly–the true urgency isn’t in knowing before purchase, but knowing before you can’t cancel for a full refund.

yes so it is… and it would be trustfull to hear a statement from Glowforge…

I am sure @dan will make sure that everyone gets their Glowforge. It’s not something that one just forgets to do when shipping world wide.

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What does CE certification buy you? I’m in the US and my understanding is that CE is self-certification by the manufacturer, as opposed to independent 3rd party testing by UL or another NRTL (nationally recognized testing laboratory).

The CE marking is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.
Its needfull to import /export anything in the european countries

Not yet, as it’s too early in the process, but we plan to.

In the extremely unlikely event that something goes awry with certification, we’d let everyone know immediately (before shipping of course). My CTO is the expert here, having gone through it multiple times, but it’s not something we’re going to overlook.


Hi Dan, did i understand right - that you will get this Certification and if its not possible - you let everyone who need it (europeans) know that we had to cancel the order. Is this possible - maybe it could be in spring or later ?

Yes, we’ll get the certification, and if something prevents that, we will let people know so they can get a refund.


Hi Dan, are you still heading for CE Certification ? I am a little concerned after reading your emaill.

You wrote this:
Use of your Glowforge may be subject to local laws, regulations, and ordinances in your jurisdiction. We cannot guarantee that the device or its use is permissible in your country and jurisdiction.

If the Forge has the Certification you are allowed to use it in your country. That´s what the Certfication is for !

Greetings fro Germany

CE allows you to import it into Europe. If you operate it in a work place you probably need to comply with lots of health and safety rules as well. If it is for your own use at home it probably doesn’t matter unless you injure somebody else. Although you might have problems with insurance if you burn your house down.

@dan - Will the GlowForge or any of its components be listed by UL or another NRTL?

Dan will have to answer this… But while you are waiting for his reply, this “implies” some level of approval or certification. [quote=“dan, post:4, topic:319”]
Long story but the power boards we’ve designed aren’t cleared for use yet, so we have to use 3rd party power supplies,

He has also indicated that they plan to get CE approval so I would assume other certifications (UL?) are intended.

Still as rpegg says: we plan to do both UL and CE, and will announce when they’re done or in the very unlikely event that there’s a serious problem.


Thanks @dan. It’s probably not an issue for the vast majority of your users but the lab I worked in required that all electrical devices have NRTL listings or they were subject to evaluation by a company inspector. It was surprising to see some of the issues that some brands had, even with an NRTL label.