Is it normal for smoke to escape out the lid

My lid is not all the way secure. It came this way ? Is this normal?

Lots of talk about this:

As for smoke you should see any because the fan sucks it out so quickly that the whole glowfirge is under “negative pressure”, meaning that all the cracks/gaps suck air in.

There are cases where the airflow is blocked and that is a problem but your machine is new so it’s probably not an issue.

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Although you might want to make sure there is some room between that wall and the right side of the machine, as that is where the intakes are, I believe.

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Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place to find answers about your new Glowforge.

There is flex built into the body of the Glowforge and using the information in the posts above you can address this issue. Whenever you have questions, start by utilizing the search function of the forum. You will be rewarded with years of information to help you enjoy your machine.

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What I did was get some shims, either cardboard or wood and level out the printer until the door shuts completely. Mine took one paint stir stick in the front right corner and now sits level and the door completely shuts.

You will just have to experiment where the shim goes…


Yep. Your machine isn’t ‘squared up.’ Simple fix with the shims.

If you are getting smoke out of the lid, please check your fan in the back. Lots of Glowforges have been running many hours for Christmas, and the fans can get lots of crud build up fast.

If you have a level of 3+ feet, it really helps to level the machine front-to-back and side-to-side. The shims are perfect for this! My floor was uneven, which translated all the way up to the GF door.

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