Is it possible to Change my order from basic to plus?

I placed an order for a basic on May 10, obviously it’s on back order for a month. Since it hasn’t shipped yet, I’m wondering if I could upgrade to a plus model and just pay the difference. Since the plus has free/quicker shipping - it’s got me reconsidering my choice. :frowning:Anyone ever done this?

That is something that they will have to work with you on, since it requires manual intervention on their part. (They used to be able to do it, they worked out an upgrade on my order before it shipped, but they’re the only ones who can help you with it, so as soon as they see your post they will contact you via email. Personal details…not allowed on the forum for your security.)

Wait to hear from them, they’ll let you know what to do next.

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That’s wonderful to hear that it’s an option that has been done in the past. Since you did it, are you glad you did or do you regret it at all?

Thank you for your reply and time. I appreciate it!

Oh absolutely thrilled that I did it…it was an upgrade from Basic to Pro model. (They didn’t offer the Plus model back then.)

The passthrough slot on the Pro though has tremendously increased the “usefulness” of the machine for me. I’ve done a lot more passthrough work than I thought I would, and made some really nice containers for larger things. If I needed furniture, life would be perfect…but I’ve already got enough furniture. :smile:


Would you believe that I got my shipping notification today? My basic will be here Tuesday! About two weeks earlier than expected. :smiley:


That’s great! (And pretty unusual, so enjoy!) :smile:

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Hi @jackiekelley1, congratulations on your Glowforge! I see you’ve also sent us an email, so I’ve followed up there, and will close this thread.

Good news! And you saved yourself a good chunk of $.

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