Is it possible to get the shipping banner back?

after dismissing it.


unsure about the banner, but it’s also a bookmarkable post that continues to get updated:

I haven’t figured out how. :frowning:
@discourse is there a way to get a banner back?

I had ran out of places to find that setting, but forgot that I could post the question… :open_mouth:

Glad you asked that. (I think there might be a cookie that can be deleted from the specific browser).

EDIT: Tried deleting any cookies relating to community, glowforge and discourse (in Firefox), but no success on returning the banner.

Found this about the banner on Discourse website:

Not sure if @dan needs to do something to push out a new banner.

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Hmm, according to this post:

There is a dismissed_banner_key field associated with user profiles. @discourse, is this something a user can edit so they can undismiss a banner?

I saw that one also, but the Untested reference looked more like a “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” solution.


There is not a way for a user to undismiss a banner. The only current
option would be for an admin to “un-banner” and “re-banner” which would
make it appear again for all users.



Thanks for posting @discourse ! Like @jrnelson said, for an up to date status on our shipping users can check in here, even after dismissing the banner: The latest on shipping (new: we're now shipping)

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