Is it possible to make Camera Calibration just use an older print/engrave?

I wasn’t sure to post here or where, but I was curious why we have to print /engrave the same design every time we want to do the camera calibration. Wastes a lot of wood. It also would be faster if it just looked at a previously printed calibration sheet, no? Then calibrated to that?
Maybe I am not understanding part of the process but this would be awesome for so many reasons

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Using an old print would not be reflective of the machine’s operation at a later date.

I am curious why you run the camera calibration so often that you feel you are wasting wood. Many of us ran the camera calibration one time and never again - even if the machine is packed and moved and unpacked on a regular basis.


I’ve run it once, about 18 months ago. It doesn’t change over time, unless you move your machine.



and yes, if you do want to run it again you can use the same old wood and cover it with a few layers of masking. You can also use any 12x20 flat thing. Folks have used cardboard even - just mask it so no markings are visible.

but tritto on the question of why you’re running it again.


Well, considering I’ve gone thru 3 replacements :wink:

In that case it’s a different machine entirely and probably needs a new engrave anyway. :slight_smile:

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The keys here are: it covers the bed fully, it lays completely flat.

I used cardboard.

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I use Dollar General posterboard cut down to size.

Thanks for writing in!

Calibration is a two-step process; it measures your printer’s current performance, and then, if needed, makes adjustments to improve it.

I’m afraid that does mean that doing a new print every time is necessary. We’ve only tested this with Proofgrade, but in theory, any material should work as long as it’s large enough, flat enough, and has enough contrast when marked by the laser.

I also want to echo the concern expressed by some others here (thank you so much to everyone who weighed in with great advice!) that you’re finding it necessary to run calibration frequently. Can I potentially connect you to Tech Support to see if there’s an underlying issue with your printer?