Is it possible to purchase store credit?

Just a curiosity. My wife asked me today what I’d like for my birthday and rather than give her a list of different materials and sizes to search for on her own, I started wondering and did a few different searches but I didn’t see any other posts about it. I assumed it would be possible since there is clearly a way for credit to be added to your account based on the delay credits… anyone have any ideas?


this was suggested last fall. essentially GF store gift certificates as christmas presents. i think GF would be doing themselves a disservice not to get this up and running by november. let non-owners purchase GCs that can be given to owners to cash in. i think they’d get a bunch of purchases and, extra benefit, they’d possibly get to sit on the cash for a bit until the owner uses it.


Yeah it would certainly make a ton of sense for them. More Proofgrade credit would certainly be at the top of my Christmas list!


Gifts -> Also a nice way to thank people for designs, for assistance, because they are cool and resolved That Thing It Did

Non-owners could also toss the material costs into the shop.
That becomes problematic if they cannot see the shop though.

But gift credit is doable without the shop visible.

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I so second this. My wife asked if GF did this as it would be a great gift for me.

@dan - Make this happen. :smiley: Please.

Yes, please, because that’s what I want for Christmas…