Is Masonite Laser Compatible?



It’s pegboard with/without the holes or the stuff your teacher’s old clipboard was made out of.
I like it because it’s a cheap, paintable project material.
I currently have to jigsaw it and sand the edges since it can shred and fuzz up when you cut it. The GF could make the process a whole lot easier.

Can brick be engraved / marked?

i sure hope it is or there will be a gf version. It would all depend on what is being used as glue.


Wikipedia has some interesting info on Masonite

What I did not know (or remember from my wood technology days) is that the glue used to make Masonite is the lignin in the wood chips. No additional glue is used according to Wikipedia. That was a surprise to me! Or, scary if my memory is failing while I decline into senility! :-)))



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I was just looking at masonite Saturday wondering if it would cut well and or be safe


Masonite does usually. Tempered Hardboard which looks the same but is way harder won’t work. Whatever magic glues they use to make it hard don’t cut well on either the 40 or 60W lasers I use.


It might not be the glue, it might just be the density. The M in MDF stands for “medium”, and Tempered Hardboard is HDF, iirc. So an inch of wood material compressed into 1/4" of thickness…


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