Is my Glowforge broken?

Is my Glowforge Pro broken? Only had one month . Today I took off the print head for the first time to clean it. When I put the print head back on the metal part holding the print head dropped down. I was able to put the printhead back on .
Go to app to do a project it was stuck on calibrating. Then it was stuck on scanning. Turned everything off and took the print head off again.

Watch the video on how that metal part drops down when I try to move the printhead over . I thought everything was ok went back to the app and now it is stuck on centering.

So nervous I’m about to have a stroke

It looks like the carriage plate is not correctly attached. You can see how it supposed to be removed and replaced on this page:


I’m wondering if the drop made the lens inside the head go sideways. If so, it’s an easy fix. Just follow the Support instructions here:

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That is very far over to put that back. The connecting cable looks to be is unfolded a lot which can be the primary issue, though something is also not operating properly causing the drop down.

I would definitely remove the crumb tray and with the Glowforge turned off use your cell phone camera to get pictures from underneath the bar near where it drops. You might also remove the whole plate following the descriptions above and get lots of photos. It has occurred that the rubber breaks on the pulley wheels that could cause that and each step of the way get lots pf photos at the locations they are occurring as those from the opposite side is less valuable.

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Thank you so very much!!! The only way I can truly thank you is to invite you for dinner. I am not joking!!! I read your profile you are in Atlanta and I am in Knoxville. My husband also says “Thank you!” It was going to be a really bad weekend if the Glowforge was permanently broken.

Medium rare ribeye, roasted asparagus dressed with French butter, shrimp scampi, panzanella salad and the most decadent dessert you have never eaten. When the first dinner is finished will sit around laugh, maybe go to the gun range then come back for…

Round 2. You will have your choice of Asian appetizers or an Italian antipasto.


Thank you for your reply, It was the carriage plate

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I really appreciate you took your time to help me. Thank you for your reply, It was the carriage plate


Wow! Now that’s what I call gratitude! You’ve really kicked it up a notch for all the other folks that get help here. :laughing:


Lol… you’re welcome. Glad it was a simple/quick fix so you could be running again before the weekend.

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Your post made me laugh and I needed to laugh. Yesterday afternoon, I was a complete basket case thinking my Glowforge was permanently broken and I had not done anything except remove the printhead to clean the lenses.

As a woman who was raised in the south you learn to be gracious and appreciative when someone extends a hand to help you.

I have an idea you did offer a suggestion for my problem. You are also invited for dinner. I did not check your profile and I do not know where you live but hopefully it is close to Knoxville, Tennessee


I wish everybody was raised in the South–there would be more graciousness around! Thanks for the offer but I’m a bit out of the way (St Louis). I’ll enjoy the dinner by proxy. :smile:


Thx but I’m over 4 hrs from Knoxville. I used to visit that area of the country (the Dragon) fairly regularly but not so much these days. A friend of mine operates a business in Maryville.


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