Is Proofgrade Acrylic Foodsafe?

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I run a small business and am making cocktail stirrers on the Glowforge (swizzle sticks), as a new product. We are using the Proofgrade acrylic sold on the Glowforge site, but can’t find any info if Proofgrade acrylic is food-safe???

General research seems to show that Acrylic is BPA free, but I can’t figure out if there is specific Food Grade acrylic or if all acrylic is food grade? Cocktail stirrers are left in drinks for an hour or two, so I need to know they are safe to use in drinks. Also curious about hot beverages… if the melting point is 266 F for acrylic it seems if it’s food-safe, it’s hot beverage safe.

Really need a SOLID answer on this, so I know if they are safe to sell.

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I can find a bunch of discussions on sealing wood, but none on acrylic…

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I believe undyed acrylic is generally considered food safe, since they make plastic dinnerware out of it. Not at all sure about the colored acrylics.

I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, but I’m not your target customer either. I actually ate dirt as a kid, and it didn’t kill me. (Might have blunted my intelligence a little.) :smile:


Or maybe it gave you your superpower of forum helpfulness!


Maybe this? Look in the right hand column, “Other”.

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Thanks! I saw that too. I feel like it’s probably safe, (I’m using a mix of green acrylic and translucent pink and yellow), and all acrylic is BPA free, which is good. But I can’t find anywhere online if ALL acrylic is foodsafe, or just certain types? It’s kinda crazy that Glowforge doesn’t give more info about thier Proofgrade acrylics.

Also, if you do decide to do this, please wash the living #%#@$$$% out of the items, because a lot of acrylic gets a thin oily layer of smelly soot on it during the cutting process, and even if it’s nontoxic it ain’t gonna taste good.


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