Is software down

As you can see, it’s not picking up all of my designs. I have cut these a million times without issue. I also can’t move/manipulate some of the images. I have already cut and pasted these into a different file and saved as a new svg. I have also logged out of the GF, thinking there was as weird glitch. I have put in a ticket, but hoping to get more immediate help by posting here. Thank you.

I’m having the same issue.

8:11am EST
Location: NC, USA

This just adds another ticket and slows the response.

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Yea- sorry. I thought that I was posting in a community forum, not adding another ticket. And I have since found this is a wide spread issue so the powers at be within GF should put a message out about the issues. So frustrating.

not sure if it’s the same issue but mine is just saying “no artwork” even though it let me make settings adjustments on whats in there. no issues yesterday btw just started this morning.


I’m so sorry for the trouble. We’re seeing this, too, and the team is looking into it now. We’ll follow up as soon as we have more details.

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