Is support not responding?


As of today, I have three open tickets with no response, some stretching into weeks. My Glowforge ship date was a week ago, and I still have no tracking information and haven’t heard anything about where it supposedly shipped.

Is there a reason that the company is failing to respond? Anyone else having issues getting a reply?


I know that they are swamped but they still respond to my last one this week in a bit over 24 hours.


When you say ‘ship date’ is that the date of the email requesting your shipping address?


Did you get the autoresponse when you first sent the ticket? If not you may have a problem receiving their emails. Even if it’s not in your spam folder, I do know at least one member that was not getting emails found out that their ISP was filtering them out.


For all of my requests, I received the auto response. And when I refer to the ship date, I mean the date that is on my Account Page that they put up last week. I was a Day 1 supporter, so it’s frustrating to say the least :confused:


I am surprised that you are only getting the auto response.

Were you cross posting to Problems & Support? If so, are they addressing issues in the P&S?

Do you mind letting us know what you were having issues with?


I’m so sorry – we fell behind our normal standards. We’ve now replied to your email. I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting.