Is support unavailable today? (stuck focusing)

I’ve been trying to call and do the live chat since 9am PST and there hasn’t been anyone online or answering the phones. My issue is that my machine is stuck focusing. I’ve tried resetting the router, cleaning the three lenses, cleaning the logo, replacing the lens in the printer head, and resetting up the GF wifi on []

Accompanying photos: GF Photos - Google Drive

The live chat has been discontinued in favor of the phone - but it’s the holidays so a lot of people are calling. Posting here opens a ticket with them that they will respond to ASAP.

Can you set up a hotspot on your phone? If that works it narrows down the issue to your WiFi - and if it doesn’t either then it’s something in the machine itself. The likely bad case is it’s your black cable which would need to be replaced, but let’s hope it’s something simpler than that!


Hi @emly - just swinging by to close this topic as we were able to get connected over the phone.

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