Is the blast gate open?

I have mine directly on my machine mostly because the window is almost inaccessible :slight_smile:


Mine’s just before the window vent. Since the vent has a flap, it’s technically dual-gated, but I just didn’t trust the little flappy thing on the vent to keep air out.

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Can I ask the official name of the blast gate for ordering purposes? I need one.

“Blast gate” is a generally recognized name. There are many available. This happens to be the one I have, but there are others that are just as good. Just be sure to get the diameter you need. 4" and 6" are the most common, but there are others. I have a 6", because I have a 6" in line fan. If you are using the built in GF exhaust fan and the hose GF provided, you would use a 4" blast gate.


Do you mind sharing the design? I am using a sticky note right now.

Right click the illustration under the text in the original post and save image as svg to your computer.


What a nice inventive way to remind yourself!

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That’s just gorgeous! Now I’ve got to make one.

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Here’s my way of telling myself to open the blast gate. I just reduced Dave’s original plan to make a miniature blast gate to cover the start button.

Start Button Reminder


That’s adorable!!

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Blast Doors


I was thinking the same thing myself, lol.

vent button