Is the blast gate open?

I have mine directly on my machine mostly because the window is almost inaccessible :slight_smile:


Mine’s just before the window vent. Since the vent has a flap, it’s technically dual-gated, but I just didn’t trust the little flappy thing on the vent to keep air out.

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Can I ask the official name of the blast gate for ordering purposes? I need one.

“Blast gate” is a generally recognized name. There are many available. This happens to be the one I have, but there are others that are just as good. Just be sure to get the diameter you need. 4" and 6" are the most common, but there are others. I have a 6", because I have a 6" in line fan. If you are using the built in GF exhaust fan and the hose GF provided, you would use a 4" blast gate.


Do you mind sharing the design? I am using a sticky note right now.

Right click the illustration under the text in the original post and save image as svg to your computer.


What a nice inventive way to remind yourself!

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That’s just gorgeous! Now I’ve got to make one.

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Here’s my way of telling myself to open the blast gate. I just reduced Dave’s original plan to make a miniature blast gate to cover the start button.

Start Button Reminder


That’s adorable!!

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Blast Doors


I was thinking the same thing myself, lol.

vent button


Hello all! New to GF, but not so new to cutting stuff; I have a CNC plasma table. SVG files are kinda new to me, as well, and I would love to cut Linefeed’s version. How do I get the SVG file, please? Still looking. If it is available. Thanks!

Welcome to the community. It doesn’t appear that he offered his file free to others here. If he sees your post, he may comment on that. As a rule, we aren’t allowed to ask for files. If someone chooses to offer theirs, it would be in this category or for sale in an online store that is linked in their profile.


OK, got ya, I fully understand. Thank you for clarifying that!

EDIT Now I remember why I thought it was shared. It is in the “Free laser Designs” section. A lot of the plasma pages are the same, tho. Asking for files is frowned on; offered is different. Anyway, thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

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I went back and looked, but I think I made something else right after I cut that out - without actually saving it. Unfortunately it’s not in my saved designs, or I’d be happy to share it…

No worries! Thanks for the reply, tho. I drew one up, but the spacing was all wrong. I will do something else. Thanks again!

This might help :slight_smile:


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Well, bless your heart! I am pretty sure that I could have gotten that (after burning up all my material, JUST KIDDING…:slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you sooo much. Very kind of you. I will add my own twist on it, for sure! Thanks again!! Bill

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