Start / Print Button Template v2

Hi Everyone,

I have gotten so many likes and thank you’s for my Original Start / Print Button Template I decided to make a full length version. One of our GF Family Member’s celesteprobichaux pointed out that my original template didn’t provide a directional reference. This inspired the v2 of my template so thank you celesteprobichaux.

As before one file is SVG and the other is CDR(2020). This one is designed in mind with those GF Family members that don’t have a GF Pro or don’t use the pass through slot if they do. The sections are grouped into Top & Bottom sections and Inner & Outer.

If there are any issues with the files or suggestions please let me know.

Start-Print Button Template v2|8x21
Start-Print Button Template.cdr (812.7 KB)

NOTE: This is a template so that means its a starting point. By no means is this a finished cut file. It will not take into account the material you are using, the kerf of your laser, or any other offsets. Test cuts with scrap material to your GF are strongly recommended.


Thank you.

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For those that like to see the design before they download it:
Start-Print Button Template v2


Thanks Bill

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You’re making it easier to make an escutcheon - I’m starting to run out of excuses!

Evil sinister laugh. Come to the GF Dark side. We enable through free laser designs. We also have GF engraved cookies!