Is the "Lid open" error a common issue?

Got the “lid open” error in my pro yesterday, and then searched here, followed the guide to tried fix
it, cleanup everything, close the door and lid tightly, but no luck. Also we tried to fool the lid by placing/stick the small magnet under the left and right side rubber pads, the Pro gave a response and do the centering only when the lid is half open. After I closed the lid, “lid open” message shows again, it cannot be fooled. I suspect the issue is located on the lid hinge PCB. Now I cannot fulfilled my customers orders, so frustrated.
After read many “lid open” thread here, it is highly possible a common issue. I think I wound’t buy a second one which was my plan. But for my existing PRO, no sure what can I do if my Pro replacement warranty expired, what is the cost if we have similar issue in the future. The solution of whole machine replacement to fix this issue would be very very expensive.
Suggest they have another solution like pop up a option to let me ignore the “lid open” message ?

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.