Is the referral program ending with the presale campaign?

Wondering if our referral links would still be good after the presale campaign ends?
If not, how about giving each campaign supporter a bonus link that gives us each the chance to pass on the presale price to one more person after presales end plus 100 bucks off for ourselves if the link is used? This could be a good way to keep us motivated to continue putting the word out and help get some people on board who may have missed the boat :grin:

Something would be nice even just $100 or $50 in materials credits

The presale price is definitely over when it’s over. The referral campaign we might be able to keep going - haven’t locked that decision yet.

Is it still going to be limited to 10? Because if its not, id love to have that cap lifted beforehand, because I know ill be way over that mark.

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awww man. I removed most of my links so other people could get the bonuses because im already past 10, but theyre still coming in to my mailbox. being able to use anything over 10 as credits towards materials would be really nice.

Nobody has used any of the links I put out there…that sux.

I spent quite a bit of time posting them all over the internet. I made sure to put them in highly visible places and drew people to them. I made sure to use a lot of keywords and short phrasing so that google could pick them up, but not be too wordy for the intended target audience. If you just do a few here and there in obvious places, its easy to get overshadowed by the 37687456848675 other links everyone else is throwing out there too…

It also helps to put informative content when posting the link. Not just “click my link save $100!!!” etc.
There is thousands of those out there already…

LOL!!! I hoping we could keep that link until the day before it start shipping!

Hey Takitus… If you past the 10 mark, you can use my link to help your friends become my friends! LOL!!!

I wasnt referring personal friends, I was just posting in places where I knew glowforge had a strong target market. After I hit 10 I took my referral links down where I saw others had posted theirs too, trying to at least spread the wealth a little… Wish I could help more =\

I know you’re a busy man but any update on the continuance of the $100 discount referral after the Pre Order (at this time 13hrs left) period? Thanks for any info, and thank you and the team for this amazing creative equipment.

If I could give you guys my referalls over 10, I happily would. I hate to see them going to waste. Today is a big day though, if you keep your game strong there is a lot of opportunity!

I forgot to use a link when I ordered. Ugh. No referals on my link :frowning: I don’t know many people or use many stores tho

Just wondering if it is any advantage to have a couple referrals more than 10 in case someone cancels. In such case, would referral 11 offset if someone else cancelled an order? In that case, I have had a huge flurry of referrals the last couple days and if by some chance I hit 11 before the end of the day would like to replace my links with someones who was less lucky on the campaign…? (here’s hoping the spambot doesn’t can my post again for even mentioning the word referral like it is some dirty word, lol)

Yes, if you have extra referrals, that’s a “buffer” in case someone cancels.

We haven’t decided what to do yet, honestly - slammed all week! It will run over the weekend, and we’ll get it sorted next week. There will almost certainly be a change, though.