Is there a company that will add masking (paper, tape) to your acrylic sheets?

Hey! Does anyone know a supplier that either masks mirrored acrylic sheets or has the option to add it on (specifically the brown masking)? I mask my own acrylic often but I’ve been having more issues recently with some flashback (even when I mask it) and I prefer the brown paper masking that comes on some acrylic rather than the kind you can purchase on the roll. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Sorry…it’s doubtful I can help. I use the brown paper masking that comes in a roll when I use acrylic other than proofgrade.


Hey! Thank you for the reply - have you found a roll of the brown masking you like? If you don’t mind sharing I’d love a link!

I’ve used the same big roll of transfer “tape” (paper) since I got my machine but I just checked and they no longer sell it. It’s “medium” tack and I use it for vinyl (on my cricut) as well.

It’s hard to go wrong as long as it’s paper and not PVC.

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I think this is the same as what I have been using for 5 years…

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Sorry…I’ve had my roll for a very long time so don’t remember even what it is. @eflyguy has given you some good info.

That’s the same one I have and for some reason, it’s been not working as well recently. Im going to play more with settings, I just never have that issue with the paper backing! Thank you for sending

Mine is very hard to unroll, it often tears, but I use it so infrequently I’ve never really lost any sleep over it.

In my experience, the key is to make sure the surface of the material is clean and dry. I use alcohol to wipe it down first.

I lay down thin aluminum foil rather than masking to prevent flashback. I have a huge box of commercial/catering foil sheets from Costco.

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Cheap copy paper under naked acrylic works very nicely for preventing flashback. (Unless your cut settings are overpowered, in which case you should dial power down and/or speed up)
Added bonus- you don’t have to peel it off.


These folks will sell it to you masked, but it costs an additional $3-$5/sheet depending on which kind you pick.

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