Is there a feature roadmap for GFUI / App? Poll / upvotes?

Is there a public feature roadmap for the GFUI / App?

Should there be a community poll open that the users can upvote / register their interest in features? Seems like free focus group data and what we actually want.

For example, running the fan after the print might be more useful to the users or requested than XYZ feature that devs think we need…

Do we only find out about features after the fact?

While the devs are reading the boards, a single leaderboard in clear view would be the best way to organize around this than thousands of threads!


I suggested a poll. The response from GF was that they’re working on the features that they’ve committed to already, and after that they’ll look at how to prioritize new features.

Are we able to make a poll here?

Yep. Click the little Gear icon at the top of your post.


For now, our priority is to deliver the features we’ve officially promised.

The Problems & Support section of the forum is a great place to post any suggestions you have and make sure that we see them.

That being said, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve shared them with the rest of the team.