Is there a User Manual change log?

Hi, all.

Since the official manuals (both for the Glowforge, as well as the air filters) get updated on a regular basis, is there a change log that documents what has been added or updated between the versions?

For example, it would be useful to know what changed between User Manual 2.2.9 (which I downloaded when I received my Glowforge) and User Manual 2.6 (the current version posted on the site). I may have been unknowingly missing some useful or pertinent information, simply because I didn’t realize what has been updated.

Just wondering if this is something that could be considered.



AFAIK there isn’t a tracking document available to us (though that would be cool) but all changes are posted here as announcements, so you can get a good review by searching for those.

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Yep, I read the announcements as they are posted, but they really just provide an overview of new features and other significant updates.

I’d love to see some sort of tracking document (as you mentioned) that offers much more granularity over the various changes to those manuals … even so far as the correction of typos or the wording of safety recommendations.


I think that would be a marvelous idea. Meantime I wonder if the wayback machine would help?


@splorp That’s a great idea! We don’t have this currently, but I’ve let the team know of your suggestion.