Is this infringing on glowforge's patent?

Saw this come up in my news feed adverspam


What’s sad about this, is that with the right marketing and team, this would be a really cool thing to have!

I have one of these, it’s decent, but very small build/cut area.
The laser (even the upgraded one) can only cut through thin stuff, mainly only good for engraving.

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So they’re selling a Snapmaker for next to nothing? ( lists this for $799) If that’s legit… it’s a heck of a deal. Even just for the linear slides.

Looks like that 2ufuture website is only 3 months old… I would be quite skeptical if they are a legitimate website. Unless you know of actual people who have ordered and received items I wouldn’t consider giving them any monies.

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I was pretty sure that the swappable head thing was a patented thing?

Dont think so…

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