Is this normal to have this on laser tube?

Hello all,
I’ve had my glowforge a few weeks and not done a lot of cutting. When doing this engrave I noticed this on my tube. Looks like a fingerprint. I have never ever touched it. What do you think ?

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Take a paper towel and spray a little Windex on it and clean the tube… It will go away, unless you have ghost that leaves fingerprints…

Someone, possibly someone in the factory, touched it - not a big dea. You can clean it…or leave it as an experiment in dirt :slight_smile:

I get marks like that from my arm touching it while I’m cleaning the fans.

The appearance of the exterior of your laser tube is not important to its performance.


Thanks for the answer @deirdrebeth and @dklgood, that’s right. If you would like to clean the exterior of your laser tube you can follow the steps located on our support page here for “Things That Need Wiping”. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.