Is this reflective material ok to use?

Hi. I have this material a friend bought in brazil. Its mirrored on one size and a full grey on the other. Is this safe to use and do i need to put masking tape on the mirrored side? Or is it ok to just put mirror side down? Thanks so much for the advise. I took a little break from my glowforge and I forgot all the rules!

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In general mirrored acrylic is fine to use. It’s extruded so it won’t engrave as nicely as cast acrylic. As for which side to laser there have been long threads debating this. Here you go:

And for cast vs extruded:


Are you sure this is acrylic?

The only way to know is to determine what it is made from, or ensure it is not PVC or any other substance containing chlorine.

There is a flame test you can perform which can be pretty reliable.

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