Is this safe to engrave (mixed material denim)

Hi. I was thinking of trying to see how engraving on denim would work. These were my daughters but are too small now. They are not 100% cotton so took a photo of the label to see what anybody may know about the safety of engraving them.

Thank you in advance!

@MyDogsThinkImCrazy will have some practical tips on how it might go, but the trick is to avoid chlorinated plastics.

So let’s look at each component:

Cotton, cool.


Should be fine.


Hmm inconclusive. Google:

Aha, spandex is polyurethane.

So, overall, your mixed denim looks safe enough. Whether or not it’ll look nice when it’s done, that is harder to say.

(Spoiler, I knew the answer before I searched any of this, but thought showing the work might be helpful)


Thank you!

Yes, thank you for showing the steps. Everybody should be able to use this information

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So when you first searched for cotton, polyester, and spandex in the forums, was there anything that said is was not safe?

I only ask because it might help clear up any confusion if you reference what you had found.

Also, Have you picked any backings or additives for the material?


No I didn’t find anything I am just paranoid I won’t find the info. Even though I have had my machine for a little over a year, I still feel like a newbie as I only usually use wood in the machine.

For this I was really just looking to do some testing with these jeans which my daughter can’t wear anymore. Would I need some sort of a backing? I had no idea about that. Thanks!

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