Is this tube okay?

I just got my replacement today. Picked it up, rather than take a chance on the little truck. As I was unpacking I noticed the tube. I am not sure if my old one looked like this or not. So before I unpack everything I wanted to check here.


Looks normal to me. You probably didn’t notice it on an earlier unit because the tube may have been rotated with that part out of sight.


Was I supposed to keep the power cord? I did not get one sent.

Will and cord work? Or does it need a minimum gauge?

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Take a close look. They’ve varied the packing over the past year, so I can’t tell you exactly where to look, but look through all of that Styrofoam and in other boxes.

Pretty much. Computer, Monitor, a million other things. $6 at Wal*Mart I think.


Tube is intact. #firstprint


maybe they’ll send you a red one …

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I’m sorry your shipment arrived without the power cord! I’ve added credit to your Glowforge account to cover the replacement available at

Fortunately, like Tom mentioned, a compatible cord or plug can be purchased from local stores inexpensively. Simply request a Desktop PC (IEC 60320-C14) cord. A transformer is not required.