Is "Woodpile Fun" wood safe to engrave?

Hello, so out of curiosity. I noticed that the Hobby Lobby “woodpile fun wood” has the TSCA title vI to California ATCM 93120, on the back of packaging. Does anyone know if this particular wood is safe for lasering? As far as toxic chemicals? Thanks

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Suggest you track down the manufacturer (obviously, HL does not manufacture these products) and ask for the SDS.


thanks for the feedback i will deff look into that.

Generally, all wood is safe for your laser, and unsafe for your lungs. The combustion products when burning almost any organic material are toxic and carcinogenic with sufficient, repeated exposure. You can laser cut/engrave whatever wood you buy at Hobby Lobby.


Assuming it is actually wood and that it’s not treated with anything funky…

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Everybody has to determine their own acceptable level of risk.

I will admit I have cut and engraved on plenty of materials that I did not have the SDS for, but when asked on a public forum if “Product X” is safe, I won’t be the one to say “well, sure” if I don’t have the data to support it…

This particular product appears to be intended for outdoor use, so I’d be concerned about any protective treatment that may have been applied.

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What particular product? “Woodpile Fun” is Hobby Lobby’s store brand for everything in the unfinished wood blanks aisle.

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