Is your GF too cold?

Take the crumb tray out, and into a warm/hot place.
I leaned mine against a coffee table in front of a fire !
Got it nice and warm, then went back into the garage (42F) and replaced it inside, waving my hands about to stir up the air a bit.
Went back to the house, loaded a design, and off it went, happily calibrating.




Great idea!

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“If you’ve got to get old, get sneaky” - comment from another one of us.



I wonder if I can somehow manage the opposite for SoCal summer heat . I’m starting to regret not getting a Pro as I think about my house being over 75 a lot of the time… maybe pop some freezer blocks in before use, sitting on a little insulation to avoid condensation drips.

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I tried that last summer with no success. I think it’s too easy for incoming air to replace the cold quicker than the ice blocks can chill it.

The warmed tray may work simply because it fools the temp sensors. The GF seems far more tolerant of colder temps than over spec temps. So it may not actually be getting warm enough to meet the spec - just to fool the sensor.