Isn’t my fan supposed to be moving

What do I need to do to fix this?
Isn’t my fan supposed to be moving even though it’s not connected to the plate?
It’s not wet.
It moves freely when I move it manually or put a vacuum near it.
I submitted a support request by phone and chat. No response.
It’s now 48 hours later and I removed it from the head and cleaned the fn more thoroughly.
It moves very slowly now.

BTW, I did this process right before I noticed that the fan stopped moving.
Cleaning exhaust fan Official advice

You do realize this is not the same fan those directions are for right? This is your air assist fan and I’ve never seen anyone have it off while the machine was running. It may only come on when the laser starts? Somebody else may have more knowledge on that.


That is not even the air assist fan at the back of the carriage but the purge fan from the head itself. That should be running when the head is operating but I am not sure how you could even see it when it is operating properly. I have never cleaned one or had to.


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