ISO: Printer Head Lens

We use our GF at a Maker Space. Our Printer Head Lens has become flawed, and GF is sold out. If anyone has a spare they are willing to part with, our members would be eternally grateful. Otherwise our machine is out until GF restocks.

Here’s an aftermarket replacement. I bought one to try it out, it’s a true drop-in replacement and works exactly the same as the OEM part:

They offer all of the optic parts for the Glowforge as well:


Thanks, I ordered one based on your (and the good feedback around the GF internets) fingers crossed. Thanks so much!!!

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Keep all the optics clean or they will get burned.

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Yes, thanks. Our members are advised to clean the optics before they start use of the machine. But you can’t aways monitor 400 people. :grin:


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