ISO White Claw Koozie spec (leather)

Has anyone made a koozie for beers or white claws out of leather on their GF? I’ve got an itch to make some awesome koozies for my bachelor party.


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Welcome to the fun house! Cool idea
I haven’t done that, but you are in the right place for help. :+1:
Congratulations on your wedding!

Hey, welcome!

That’s a good question. I don’t recall any koozie designs offhand, so lets see what search has to say:

Well looks like maybe there have been a few threads on it:

This one is pretty good!

here’s some discussion.

If you hunt around on the forum there are just so many resources… but if you go to google, it gets ever better… I searched “laser beer koozie” and found so much:


which specifically has a white claw can koozie:

This should get you headed in the right direction as you work out a design.



I think this is the final version I came up with. The settings depend on the weight of the leather-it’s been a minute since I made them, but if I remember correctly the weight of my leather was 3-4oz. The settings for this weight were full power speed 180. You definitely need to tape the leather as well with a good quality masking tape. I did have some leather that the tape wouldn’t adhere to for some reason. I’m a woodworker and got into leather enough to realize it was too finicky for me.


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