Isolating Handwriting

Hi, I am a brand new Glow forge owner and I am so excited to be here. I am overwhelmed and so excited to see all of the wonderful things you are all creating. I am most excited to start creating projects that evoke memories for people. How do I isolate handwriting from recipes for example without getting the lines of the paper they are written on? Thanks so much in advance!!

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You will find that the search function of the forum is your best friend.


Are you a photoshop or illustrator user? Those are the apps that I have used. Unfortunately, it depends on the recipe card, and how dark the lines are. Sometimes you can tweak the settings in image trace and get decent results, but many times you have to clean up the import manually. I’m sure there are lots of threads if you search that can help get you started.


Illustrator and thanks :pray:

I use instead of Illustrator - but the commands all exist in both :slight_smile:

Here’s how I do it - hopefully that’s helpful:

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There’s a few ways to achieve it, but here’s write-up I did showing the technique I use.


Thanks so much, time for practice.

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A very different discussion reminded me of something that might be useful.

Talking about home automation, I have several lights that you can set to any color.

When trying to separate hand-written notes from printed lines, you can often get a very good image by illuminating with a particular color. You have to fiddle with the settings, but these modern devices often provide a color wheel that you can easily manipulate to change the output.

I’ve only done it a couple of times but it was very effective, and reduced the amount of “clean up” I had to do significantly.


Can’t that same effect be done by altering the tint or color curves of a plain photo?

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