Issue with design I think. **Resolved**

I am having an issue with a design I have. I am guessing it is with the design and not the machine and will be trying to run a know good project here in a min. It is easier to show than explain so here are a few pictures of what it is doing:

and here is the file: (136.7 KB)

Any assistance on what is wrong would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

Check for open paths. I seem to recall something about that in the past. You might have three points connected and then the program is closing the path and making a box.


What design program are you using? If it is AI try saving the file as a PDF. I would recommend running tests on paper or cardboard to same some material.

The problem is with open paths.

Of the 516 paths that are in the file, zero of them are actually closed. It looks like they are actually meeting up, but the paths themselves aren’t closed. It’s trying to interpret how the path should be closed and that usually makes a mess of things.

The file is incredibly complex from a breaking it down and trying to fix things perspective… the best way to do this would be to hide the existing cut path and rasterize the engrave elements.


I just figured that out as well. I pulled it into Vcarve and ran vector validator and it showed me the same thing. I had forgot that I had that. That is a good idea thank you.

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Everything is basically contained in one big compound path. Once you break that compound path apart, everything inside has a stroke and a fill… and it looks like a few different elements making up the background, etc. And then, you’d need to find where the beginning and ending anchors are to join them. Because selecting all and joining them freaks out.

Yeah, just rasterize that :slight_smile:

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Converted it to PNG and it came out just fine. I will be checking any purchases designs a little more close before I push the button from now on. Any of the ones I have made I never had a problem with. Here is how it turns out when the image is fixed:


Much better! :grinning:

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Thanks for the advice @lairdknox and @jbmanning5!

@bangert78, I’m glad you were able to print your file successfully. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this.