Issue with shipment of materials

I really would like to know why my invoice clearly says I paid 9.00 for ups shipping.
And was shipped by fedex smart post , which is much slower than ups ground.
I used to get my orders in 3 days max, this one will be 10+

Glowforge contracts shipping out to Moduslink, who uses UPS generally, but can occasionally use FedEx. (Several of us have recently been receiving orders via FedEx lately.)

FedEx probably costs them more, but that charge won’t be passed on to us.

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IMNSHO FedEx “SmartPost” is stupid. (1984 Newspeak?) FedEx uses the USPS for the actual shipping—in my experience with a built in delay—guaranteeing that the total shipment time is >1 week—and much worse than direct USPS. Don’t understand the FedEx-USPS arrangement, but IMHO Glowforge should NOT be using it! :sunglasses:

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No they don’t. They use USPS for the last mile (sort of). FedEx does the long haul transit and then turns it over to the Post Office distribution closest to you. USPS does the final leg which eliminates FedEx residential and weekend surcharges.

DHL, FedEx, and UPS all have branches of their service where they haul and delivery to the nearest postal sort facility to the destination for the final delivery. USPS also ships a certain volume between post offices using the above courier services. (In my FedEx Home Delivery days, I delivered MANY bags of mail to various post offices.)

FedEx did have it until today, it also sat in their facility for 2 days , Monday and most of today before they loaded it to bring it to my local post office.
My point is don’t charge me for ups, and then use my money for this cheaper , fedex smart post stuff.

And this is my problem, they won’t ship to the USVI but USPS will, so I have to use a drop shipper, pay more and wait longer…

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Is it Moduslink that won’t ship to the USVI?

Considering that Fedex SurePost will do any US address including the USVI and other places like Guam, etc. it’d be really silly if Moduslink uses Fedex SurePost for continental US addresses but then won’t for the USVI.

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I hope this SmartPost goes away soon. I regularly get orders shipped that way by woot. Woot is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area and the shipments originate there. I am in the Austin, Texas area roughly a 4 hour drive. If they only handed the package to USPS I would receive it the next day. Instead Fed-Ex takes my package to San Antonio, Texas(passing Austin once) , then takes it to Houston,(Again going very near Austin) and then gives it to USPS who takes it to Austin and gets it to me. so USPS transit time 1 day. IdiotPost as I like to call it takes 4 days because of all the extra stops.

That doesn’t sound very “smart.” They should name it SillyPost. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wait till you get the extortion emails from UPS SurePost. Get them all the time “You have a package arriving that was shipped UPS SurePost, for $3 more we will deliver it faster.” However I do have to give it to them that when you order a LOT I get the “We’re going to be at your house today anyway so we will deliver this package early.”


Makes less sense in your case, but it is a matter of volume shipping. It is cheaper for Woot to do that, and do huge shipments through FedEx than to worry about sorting out specific shipping for select areas in proximity to their warehouses.

Actually I believe its the seller not understanding the USPS ships here. It might be the need for a commercial invoice because the VI illegally charges import fees from US items.

But FedEx, UPS and DLS all consider us to be international…

This is really side tracking the thread but in Woot’s case they should just hand everything to the amazon logistics team since they are owned by them. So I’ll just leave it at that and back to USVI stealing via import fees from it’s residents.

Thanks for your feedback about your shipment–I’ve passed it on to the team. I see you already emailed us about this and we’ve worked on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.