Issue with storage of files expiring

The problem here is that I purchased this product thinking I could store my files on their server. I would not have gone with a system that had online software if I knew they were going to charge me to store my files. I would have preferred software installed on the system or my computer, but compromised thinking I could storee. This is frustrating. I think glowforge should consider that older users did not sign up for having to pay for monthly storage/updates. I was able to use the faster speed and storage when I was within my return timeframe and kept this machine thinking I would have file storage/updates. This was news to me. I have to log in monthly when I can’t use my machine due to work schedule just to open files so they don’t get deleted. Cricut just backed off their plan to do this to people. Cricut backs off plan to add subscription fee to millions of devices [Updated] | Ars Technica Is there a way to not have my files deleted without logging in every 30 days?

If you purchased your machine before November 3rd, 2020 you should have Legacy Storage.


If you don’t have Legacy Storage, you simply export your files and they remain on your computer. You do not have to pay for file storage and you do not have to lose your files.


I noticed that you joined the forum in September of 2019. You definitely should have legacy storage. Shouldn’t be an issue.


Ok! great. My app was saying I needed to do premium and I threw an unnecessary hissy fit is what it sounds like.

Not a problem…we all got grandfathered in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Jules for the quick information! It looks like this is resolved, so I’m going to close the thread.


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