Issues cutting 4/5mm acrylic

Hi all, I’ve never had to comment before, but I’m losing the will to live!

Trying to cut thicker than 3mm acrylic and the burn marks on the underside are unreal! I have pics but can’t see where to add them?

It’s cutting through and when I take it out the material and tray is hot. Tried GF but because I’ve used non-proof materials in the past they won’t help.

I have cleaned all parts that I can think of and cleaned the air assist.

I have a GF Plus.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!

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Are you using medium acrylic settings, thick acrylic settings, or something else? The machine should have no difficulty cutting this material with the proper speed/power settings.

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This isn’t a thing. They won’t help if your current material is non-PG.

As acrylic is pretty much the same across the board it’s most likely a setting, a cleaning issue, or an issue with your file.

Try cutting the Gift of Good Measure (it’s in your dashboard). If it cuts fine, then the issue is with your file. If it doesn’t, post a picture of the attempted cut, as well as your full GFUI from the list of commands on the left all the way to the name of your machine on the right.

You upload pictures by either dragging them into the box from your desktop, or clicking the button that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. Then wait until it’s done uploading and finish your post :slight_smile:


You can also use copy/paste to add images in this forum software.


Sounds like you’re using way too much power/too slow speed.
The marks on the back are called flashback.
Getting your speed/power settings dialed in properly and masking the back will eliminate the problem.