Issues Cutting ProofGrade Thick Material

Hey I purchased some thick material via the shop tab and got some draftboard and plywood thick 1/4" thick however using the settings it doesn’t cut through has any one had these issues or did anyone adjust the settings so that there are multiple passes?

Is the material absolutely flat on the honeycomb tray? Did you use the set focus tool? Is it close to being cut through or way off? And of course, are your optics clean?


Yes to all unfortunatley. I even tried slowing down speed to 100 and Full power

Can you post pictures of what you’re getting? Cuz that should have burnt it! If you’ve cleaned your optics, check to see if you accidentally put the lens in upside down (the open part of the bowl should face into the box)


Hello @designer, I am so sorry your prints did not turn out beautifully. I’m afraid we need a bit more information to narrow it down. Do you know the date and time (including time zone) when this happened so we can investigate for you? I see that others have advised that you should clean your optical components. To double-check, would you please re-clean all of your optical components following the steps on our support page? If you notice any damage during the process, please take a photo and we will take a look. Thank you in advance!

@dklgood @deirdrebeth

Thanks for the feedback I actually just recleaned all lens again as you both mentioned. There was 4 lens in total and one I missed that was pretty dirty after the cleaning was done it cut without issues. Thanks again for all of your help and quick comments back. This has been a really great community to be apart of and I appreciate you all!

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!