Issues when replacing printer head

I removed my printer head to clean the lens, as I usually do. When I went to put it back on, it would not sit flush. I removed it again and realized the plastic parts of the left post (?) are not attached. I have so much to cut in the next few days.

you need new wheels!

Do you know why this happens? Ugh! I am so devastated.

There was a bad batch of wheels a while back. you have posted in here and that starts the ball rolling to resolve the problem.


People have been known to superglue the broken carriage wheel together to get them going on a temporary basis. You could try that while you are waiting.

@threadbeam I’m so sorry to hear you have a broken wheel. I have reached out to you through email for the next steps. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.