Issues with cutting mirror acrylics

Looking for some help, I have always cut mirror acrylics with set settings. Today, we noticed when cutting, its leaving dark burn marks - cutting from back and more flame. We have never had this issue. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

What are your “set settings”? What specifically is your material?

Glowforge does not sell mirrored acrylic so there are no default settings for it.

Are your fans and optics clean? Have you read through the forum? There are lots of posts about mirrored acrylic?

We have alway used red medium acrylic with no issues

We have never had issues. we have always cut mirror acrylics same settings and today we are seeing a change

So you are cutting red acrylic, or mirrored?

As stated, Glowforge does not sell mirrored acrylic, so what exactly are you trying to cut? There are probably hundreds of mirrored acrylic products out there.

I am cutting mirror acrylics

Is this a different material than you’ve used before?

Even sometimes a different batch of the same material can be different.

You may need to do some tests to find just the right cut settings.

When there is a change, it often has to do with optics and/or fans. Make sure they are clean. Make sure the honeycomb tray doesn’t have debris which could be adding to the problem.

“more flame” often means the air assist fan is dirty. That’s the one you have to take off the belt to access. It prevents and snuffs out flames by blowing directly across the cut path.

Some things you can do to reduce flashback include raising the acrylic off the crumb tray, and cutting in multiple lower power passes instead of one full power pass.

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