It died

My Glowforge was working great, just made a nice long cut, left the room and came back and it was off. I turned the power switch off and back on, nothing. I thought that maybe i tripped a breaker, nope. Any ideas?

Sadly this is one of the reasons to never leave a cut unsupervised. There may have been a sound or something that would give you a better idea. If you can’t physically stay in the room at least set up a camera that you can carry the display with you!

That being said. If you have a Pro make sure the staple next to the on/off switch hasn’t popped out. With a flashlight look at all the electronics and see if you can find any burn marks. But mostly, wait for a staff member to respond to your ticket because they can look at the logs on the back end and see what happened right before it died.

DO NOT turn it back on until you’ve at least done a very thorough visual inspection.

Given I am freaking out, maybe I wasn’t very clear. The cut had finished, the machine was just on not cutting.

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Oh good, that’s better - but also harder.

Still look for the staple, but also verify that the socket is working (plug something else into it), and if you have a spare power cable (any computer, many other electronics) and test that too.

Fingers crossed

I didn’t even know that staple looking thing was there, but it is in place. I do have a spare power cord, at your suggestion I tried that and nope, that didn’t work. Is there a fuse somewhere that could be checked? Or, is that what the staple is for?

The staple is a failsafe of some sort, but not quite a fuse - I have a Basic so no staple on mine :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible your power supply has failed which would suck.

I can’t think of anything else easy. You may need to wait for a staff member. They’ll be along ASAP, but probably not until tomorrow morning.

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Thank you so much for the ideas! I have only had it for 6 weeks, I hope it is something simple.

Thanks again,

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Yay for under warranty no matter what it ends up being. Their CS is really good - not fast - but they will do whatever it takes to make it right.

That makes me feel better, it is funny, I have become very addicted to making things with this machine!

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Just to be sure, unplug the glowforge and plug a lamp or something into that same socket.
If the lamp lights, at least you will be looking at the proper problem area.

It wasn’t the first thing I did, but it was one of them, I put a multimeter on it(the outlet), it is putting out 120.2V. Just a guess, but I’m betting on power supply, with a little bit of luck, there is a fuse in there.

oops, pay no attention to the bourbon and empty Guinness glass… This is what I “printed right before it died.”


Indeed. For future reference, it just cancels the print, it doesn’t prevent the machine from turning on. So if the symptoms are no power, it’s not the safety interlock.


Hello @keithjphillips, I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and I’ve just sent a response to you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and will continue working with you over email.