It moved!


Fellow Glowforgers rejoice!!! The banner was updated from Basic 9, Pro 1 to Basic 11, Pro 2!

I’m looking for that Pro number to hit day 15, but I’m so excited to see the needle move!

Keep up the good work Glowforge team!


I too am excited! The stick on day 9 has had me really curious what the curve of day by day orders looks like. Presumably some days were more popular than others, I just wonder what percent were ordered on what days.

Not expecting them to release the information, just idly curious.


Indeed. I was thrilled to see the change today. Maybe THIS will spur me to get my space and CAD skills ready…


Day one was the highest by far and the last five days were very high. I don’t think there were many on day 9, it stuck there for another reason.


That’s certainly possible. That’s the OTHER reason I’m curious, where sticking on a dip day tells me something else is going on.


A bit of a presumption that they’re “stuck” on a dip day. It doesn’t have to be negative. It could just be they were on day 9 when the banner was updated. They’re not “stuck” until you see the banner updated with the same day.


They were stuck because hardly any emails went out between 8th and 26th of September so nothing changed for all that time.


I see your point. When we’re talking about drops of information it’s not really enough to draw conclusions from. And at this point (partially because I’m in the post-30 days group) it’s purely idle curiosity.


I am a last-day Pro so I am not going to hold my breath. At least I will get the benefit of any improvements made during production.


Wonder if the buildup to Maker Faire had anything to do with it.


More anecdotal evidence of a shipping speedup: I’m getting payout notifications more frequently for the referral program. I’m assuming I don’t get the “we owe you” email until a unit has actually shipped, because I have a friend/referral who’s gotten the “do you want the thing?” email but I haven’t gotten my side of that yet. I plan on creeping him out and saying “so I guess your forge is on the way” when I get that one lol


The banner says Day 4 now for Pros! Those emails are going out fast!




Even if we are on day 4 - we are still on day 0 for any international customers… That’s really sad. @dan Any news for us folks livin outside of good old america? Good old europe needs their forges too :wink:


I actually got that friend’s email last night, and congratulated him in Slack before he’d even seen his shipping notification :stuck_out_tongue:


Hoping you’ll see yours soon! I’m the eternal optimist, thinking that the recent stoppage of the shipping status meant that they were producing a whole bunch of international orders, basic & pro, and were filling up a container to forward to a European shipping center.


If so and they are really filling up a container to even possibly go via ship… well then I want some money back for the way to high shipping costs via plane :wink: But I think they’ll stick to the plane and you ment that they fill up those big air containers… Anyway - hope you are right and we will get them as soon as possible


Right, they “were” stuck but it changed. There was no evidence they “are” stuck when that post was made. And shortly afterward there was evidence they weren’t stuck. I made that post because it’s annoying to see comments that things are going wrong when there’s no current evidence to support that. It was pure conjecture that proved incorrect.

There have been plenty of things that have happened (or not happened) that were negative. No need to create negativity when there’s no evidence to support it.


Nor is there a need to create positivity when there is no “evidence” to support it.


Plenty of evidence they paused sending emails for nearly three weeks and so the banner didn’t change during all that time. Since that happened only about 5 weeks from the end of October I would say that makes it significantly less likely they are on track. They have come back strong this week but not made up for the pause and well short of the quantity needed.