It’s 5pm PST on my email day. Please don’t let me down


I really hope that email comes through soon


I’m right with you.


You deserve it dude, your posts are always in the ‘must read’ category for me.


I hope you get it too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine is 4 days and counting past due. So… … …



Fingers crossed for you!


Let’s go all in and cross the proton beams!! :cloud_with_lightning:


I hope you get it any minute now.

I’ve seen several people post that the golden ticket email is running about 4 days behind the estimated date.



Yes! It’s my day too! I don’t think anyone got an e-mail today. I think Monday is “Reflection day” on the Assembly line, where they assess the production line volumes and parts for the next week, and send out that number of e-mails. If someone does not respond in time for their unit to hit the line, I think they send out an e-mail to the next in line. Hopefully we see a big burst of e-mails tomorrow, followed by a trickle of them during the week.


I’m also waiting for my 10/19 email… here it goes to tomorrow being a good day!


So hope the wait is over soon for you.


I should’ve gotten my golden email on the 18th, no luck yet…


same here, but apparently they are “shipping” a few days past my purchase date somehow


I’m day 17, Pro…


I actually like the Phoebe Snow version better.


My email expected day was last Thursday, the 19th, and nothing yet. I’m hoping there will be flood today and everyone between me and you gets it. And everyone after. Basically I want everyone to get a Glowforge.



I wasnt aware they weren’t holding good on the dates actually posted on that page. I thought they were changing them to later. I would prefer that to slipping beyond the date into an infinitely unknown period of waiting…

Once more, into the breach


We don’t have a huge amount of insight into the process, but what I picture in my head is that someone built a huge spreadsheet with everyone’s order information and various data from the factory, suppliers, etc. And probably some way of exporting a CVS file, sticking it in a database, and surfacing it on the web site. That may be completely wrong, but that’s what it feels like to me, and it’s a rather familiar feeling having been involved in executing (and I’ll admit to occasionally designing) “business processes” that look just like this.

So in the universe I have constructed, changes to the projected dates would be dependent on someone opening up that sheet, updating the production and inventory numbers, maybe sanity checking the results and tweaking the formulas, and running the export process. It’s not going to happen every day, and it’s not going to happen automatically.

Of course, I’d be happy to find out this isn’t at all the case, and it’s actually deep machine learning voodoo that updates in real time based on quantum fluctuations in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. That might explain why I killed a mosquito this morning and my filter ship date has changed to “a suffusion of yellow”.