It’s always playtime! (When you have a laser)


Ok. I have a hogwarts burning on a tile thanks to @Laen ‘s settings. (Really… thanks… that is the most awesome thing about this whole process … the forum helps us tremendously…and not just keeping us quiet while we waited…and dreamed!)
Until that’s done:
Couple more keychains. It’s therapeutic watching it burn leather…

And one file I’ve waited SOO long to burn…

(Proof grade draft board … it’ll look awesome after I stain it with a tea bag…)
…hmmm. Oh. And the best thing about burning tile! : no complaints about the smell!! Ok… Back to Hogwarts…

Almost done…

Ok. This is a hex tile from Lowe’s. A black sharpie… (thought I’d ruined it…). But then some rubbing…


Great idea on the 1911 blueprint! Been thinking of doing one of those for my shop / firearm cleaning area.


Yeah, hubs would like something like that. :grinning:


Really nice … love the Hogwarts!


Did you do something different for each tone on the hogwarts tile?


Nothing different. The file I used had colors in the backgrounds. I suspect it engraved it to different depths.


I love the old hand drawn drawings, and the 1911 drawing makes it a double hit.

I started as a board drafter in ‘80, and moved to CAD in ‘86. While I love the precision of the computer, there is about the hand drawn checkering in these drawings that makes me miss the board.


Yes. Though I wasn’t clear in my question. You said you used a sharpie and a lot of rubbing. Did you use a black and a gray sharpie to get the two tones?


Well in truth it was an old sharpie. Only black , though to me it had a blue almost purple tint to it. I used a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol. It did get pretty ugly before it got better. I do have some colored sharpies somewhere here I might give a go for some of the areas.


Oh I do miss the days of taping the corners down. (Though not so much the electric erasers…although now that I think about it, that just might be the start of my perfectionist leanings. If you don’t make the mistake-you don’t need the eraser. Ha!)


Yeah, I have an old Mutoh drafting arm, would make a good shop wall decoration now… right beside my old oxy-acetylene cutting torch.


I let my old Vemco arm go when I moved to TN a few years back, but still have a couple of T-squares.


Thanks for the inspiration!


I added a bit of a fillet on the transition between the loop and the circle of the keychain. I figured that’d help reduce stress on the leather.


Turned out great! :grinning:


Looks really good. I love how the engraves stand out against the brown.


Yeah, I ended up with some saddle tan dye. First I tried a java brown but it was really just too dark.