I have left a voicemail, wrote an email, and posted on here.

I have seen people post and get a response the same day, while I have waited 5 days for a response. I’m sure you can understand that this is really started to frustrate me. Can someone please contact me. Thank you

Nobody is getting same day responses from staff this month - the shear number of requests are making them run behind. Contacting them multiple times just slows them down more.

Folks do choose to post here because then other owners can help them out as well - but for that you’d need to specify what issue you are having.

If you’d like our help, let us know!


I appreciate your response and help. I understand the way they respond to things and the more posts, the slower it goes. However, there is a post that was posted 1d ago and was responded to 1d ago. I’m sure they have waited their turn and I’ll get a response eventually.

As for my issue, brand new out of the box…the arm on the right side is completely outrunning the left side and will come off the track. We have checked tension on the belts, looked for debris, checked the wheels, etc. I ran a calibration last night, it was able to print the sheet (with the left side looking sloppy), but as soon as it tried to center the camera, the arm went sideways and jumped the track once again. I’m thinking it could be the motor at this point? Posting pictures.

It sucks to be on the waiting end without knowing what’s going on - know that the variations in response don’t mean some people are special and others less so. GF’s MO has always been silence until they have something meaningful to say or ask. They will take care of your issue. (I’ve had easy quick fix responses within minutes and more difficult issues that took several days and they always got it sorted satisfactorily in the end)


Hello @mark.a.robison.jr I went ahead and replied to your original post. I am so sorry for the delay. To mitigate any confusion I will go ahead and close this thread.

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