It seems initial domestic 30-day orders, at least for Pros, have been filled

Based on this post it would seem that initial domestic 30 days orders for the pro have been fulfilled, and that GF is now shipping Pros to folks who ordered after that 30-day window.

There was another very recent post from an order past the 30-day window, but I can’t seem to find it quickly. Don’t know if that was a Pro or a Basic. So I don’t think this is a one-off situation.

Has anyone else from domestic post initial 30-day window received their machines?

Seems like they should update the banner.

edit: added domestic

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For domestic orders. For all those except for the conspiracy theorists the international shipments have likely been a circular change/test/approval process.


Thanks. Edited initial post.

What happened to day 31 and 32? According to the spreadsheet they were also in the “30 day campaign”.

I ordered my pro unit on 1 September 2016 and received it a few days ago. So they are well beyond the initial 30 day orders from 2015.


Nice! Cut anything cool yet?

We just received our Pro and ordered around January 2017. It arrived just as I’m heading out of town - will have to wait an extra week to get it set up! Super excited though!


Not yet. My unit seems to be a dud and several days of customer service support still hasn’t identified or fixed the problem. More patience required!

Since the company has not said anything in the banner claiming a milestone, and I wasn’t the person who said 30 days, seems really going out of the way to find a new argument.


Ah, crap. What kind of dud?

Won’t connect to wifi. Have tried everything in the forums, troubleshooters, and several other suggestions from customer service. They have been very helpful but an ethernet port would have been useful. The printhead and gantry haven’t even moved one millimeter. I’m sure that I’ll eventually have a working unit, I trust that they’ll take care of my dud. Right now I have a fancy box with lights in it.

Well dang. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Thanks! So do I. :grinning:

There have been a few like that. I wonder if the WIFI aerials become detached in the shipping.

Maybe not in my case. My GF broadcasts its wifi signal just fine (with the teal light). The devices I’ve tried connect with the GF signal every time. It’s step 2 that fails each time, connecting the GF to the internet.

Just a thought, and I probably don’t know if it’s something you’ve been asked to investigate, but do you have a MAC address filter in your router that’s barring your GF from accessing it ?


I switched to the Pro just before the price increase and it arrived today in good order…at least it looks like it is. Have not unboxed it two handles still on the box and no glass floating around. Waiting for help to set it up which is a change for me. I usually just forge (hah) ahead , but this time I am going to err on caution.


Or a number of allowed connections. I lock down my router to only allow X connections as one more way of hopefully preventing the neighbors to ride my airwaves :slight_smile: But I do have to regularly update it as we get additional devices that need a wifi connection.

Useful. I didn’t know that was possible, or is it only on some routers ?


Pro production has been flying lately - it’s possible we did hit a milestone and forget to update; I’ll check.

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