It's cutting cut line 2 times when I have it set as 1 (370.9 KB)

I put a JPG file into Inkscape to convert it to a SVG to cut it out on the Glowfore.
After loading it into Inkscape I clicked Path, Trace bitmap. Then in the pop up window I clicked colors, scans 2, smooth, stack scans, remove background, update, ok. I changed the color to blue. Then seperated the images. I deleted the black one. Then saved as SVG.

The I uploaded it to the Glowforge. I using Maple plywood. I set the thickness to .189. Settings are cut, speed 170, full power, 1 pass.

BUT when it cut it does 2 passes. What am I doing wrong?

Your lines are actually two lines on either side of filled space. I have to leave and can’t fix it for you or point to the solution. Here is what it really looks like.


When you loaded it into Inkscape and clicked on Trace Bitmap, it takes the jpg and converts any image to a two sided line, one path on the outside and one path on the inside. Therefore Glowforge sees it as two lines and cuts both of them. I didn’t open your image but I bet if you zoom in on your Inkscape image you will see two lines.

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I thought this may be the problem. Any ideas on how to fix this.

I don’t use inkscape, but in other programs I would try to open the file and carefully select and delete the inside spaces, then save and try again. I think it’s much the same in inkscape.

Switch to View Outline Mode. Select all and then Path Break apart. Then delete all the inner sets of lines. Or outer sets or whichever looks best.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This worked perfectly. This was driving me crazy. I’ve only had my Glowforge a week. I am familiar with Photo Shop but I’ve only been using Inkskape for a few weeks. I have lots to learn. This forum is great.


Thanks for the answer @marmak3261, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have another question, go ahead and post a new topic.

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