It's getting a little smokey in here!

I’ve researched all the topics on smoke remaining in the GF while cutting and have cleaned all my fans and machine. I checked for smoke escaping and taped that up as well. All the seals are fine.

I have an AC infinity in-line fan attached. I haven’t checked it yet as it’s got so much tape on it, I want to be sure I should check it before tackling that project! Could that be all gunked up as well?

I’ve also been having a bit of flaming going on, yet it does seem to be cutting just fine.

Mostly cutting birch and some mdf.

I’ll have to post a video off my phone, but it basically looks like all the other videos I’ve seen of smoke build up while cutting.

I am fairly new to this, but I have found that turning you inline fan on high and blowing the in-machine fan with a can of air or an air compressor. Then turn off your inline fan and just unhook the back where the tubing connects to the machine. Blow the back of the fan back in (you may need a Q-tip to loosen up the gunk. Then I suck everything out with my vacuum as best I can and reclean everything. You may need to clean your tray as it probably has residue built up causing the flare ups. I used TSP, but have seen where people use Simple Green, Fabuloso, or another degreaser. You can let it sit for a while and then take it outside and spray it off with the hose or put it in the bathtub. Then I let it sit overnight and blow it out with my air in the morning before I use it to make sure that it is completely dry. Good luck!

Don’t tape the seams of your machine, they are purposely made to be open as the machine needs to draw in air through them for ventilation, and you’re setting yourself up for a fire.

If smoke is coming out instead of air drawing in, then you need to check your exhaust fan and hose/outlet for blockages, make sure your air assist fan is clean, and check to see that nothing is blocking the intake fan on the underneath right front corner.


If the smoke is thicker inside the machine, but still clears quickly there’s nothing wrong with that - if it’s smoky in your room outside the :glowforge: you have something that needs addressing.

Well, after all the cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning I decided to take a look on the outside of the house where the dryer vent is and…that was the problem. My bf had put some screen over the front to stop any little bugs from making a nest in there. It was so loaded with crap, there was no way any air was getting out. So, basically, the fan had no where to push out the air and it was all back filling.

Thanks for the advice. I will certainly just keep my machine clean everywhere inside and out and hopefully no more problems like this one.


I’m glad you resolved it! Thank you everyone for your advice. I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!