It's still awesome!


It has been some time since I last posted a project made on the Glowforge. With school started back up for my wife and kids, my day job keeping me very busy and keeping up with house projects, my activity here has greatly slowed. The time spent using the Glowforge however has remained quite steady. We have several larger projects ongoing that I hope to share later. One of them being my oldest daughter making her Halloween costume which has turned out to be quite an undertaking. I have also completed some projects for work which for privacy reasons I am going to refrain from posting here, but I am quite pleased with them as well as those that have received them. That being said, here are a couple projects I will share.

We have a trip to Universal Orlando planned. The girls and I spent Saturday morning making a wand box in anticipation of a visit to Ollivanders. I had picked up a music box mechanism that plays Hedwig’s Theme off ebay sometime back. We decided to top mount the winding key rather than the more typical bottom, just because we could. We will create a cradle/mount specific to the wands the girls receive or choose once in hand. It was a really fun project and proof of concept.


Very cool! Professional detailing :sunglasses:


Accidently posted before completing…

Another project ongoing is something my wife and her first grade team are working on. Their classes are creating a human sundial on the school property. There are 24 travertine tiles with etchings created by the students representing things they associate with each month. There are also 12 bricks etched with the hours. I will document further once the installation is complete. Here is how the brick and travertine look etched.

The travertine etched unevenly. Some areas turned white and some shades of brown to black. Since the materials were donated, we decided to make due. A thinned wash of black acrylic paint provided a consistent look with more contrast than the natural etching alone.


Yeah, I had noticed a differential in some granite, but I’m surprised that travertine exhibited that considering its nature of precipitating from solution.

They look great, and really cool project!


I LOVE the detailing on the wand case! Great job.


You’ve created an amazing piece! There is so much detail! An amazing job!


Gosh…that is really beautiful! You have some very lucky children.


Ohmygosh–I hope you take up designing for the Design Store! I’d totally buy your designs.


Holy smokes! That is a beautiful box. So distinctive and cleverly designed. Straight out of Diagon Alley.


Incredibly beautiful work!


That certificate engrave is wow… just wow :sunglasses:


The wand box looks amazing! Great job!


I love the use of the two materials on the top side of the wand case! Pretty cool!!


As a fun woodturning project, I made a wand for my Potter loving niece. I made it out of bocote, and planned to make a box for it when my :glowforge: arrives, hopefully before Christmas. This puts my lame design to shame. Too darn cool.


Yeah, I thought I was pretty crafty until I stumbled into this place… :no_mouth:


Love those projects, especially the wand box. I have a niece that would love something like that. My wife would your sundial markers. Could be a cool third grade science project.


Gorgeous detail on the wand box. :grinning:


Nice job(s)! The wand box is amazing.


Very well done! Love the etched channel for the sliding door and the living hinge. The use of the different woods for contrast worked beautifully as well!


Love this!!! Such a cool project you made!!! Thanks for sharing!

How long will you be there? Captain Awesome and I are going there next Monday!